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Here’s The Thing: Market Uncertainty is Everywhere

Emerging technology,  global disruptions, customer agility−the complexity of the digital era requires you be constantly vigilant in deeply understanding customer needs, while being agile in response to changing market conditions.



Being focused on customers does not mean sitting around a conference room table imagining your the customer. Nor is it endless surveys and focus groups. How to you learn how to understand customer needs deeply?


Rapid Experiments

Rapid experiments are not merely for split-testing landing page button colors. Disciplined experimentation helps bust assumptions and cut through biases leveraging real customer behavior. In other words, measuring what customers do versus say.


Working agile

Without (necessarily) implementing process heavy, capital ‘A’ Agile practices, learning how to leverage specific agile ceremonies to plan, execute, measure, and improve work ensures achieving desired outcomes more efficiently.

The relevant question is not simply what shall we do tomorrow, but rather what shall we do today in order to get ready for tomorrow.-

– Peter Drucker

You Won’t Find this Anywhere Else

Here’s what the course includes

Live Coaching

Live expert guidance from our veteran Impact Coaches


Time-proven, robust lean innovation toolkit

Detailed Exercises

Real world work to show you how to drive impact

Mixed Media Content

Intense coursework is delivered in a variety of styles to maximize engagement.

You Are Six Weeks Away From Driving Impact

Here’s what we will cover week by week



The prep module helps you prepare for the course with an introduction to the  Lean Innovation concepts, setting some expectations, and a little bit of “homework.”


Week 1: Empathy

The week 1 module helps you understand what empathy is, how to develop it for your customers, and how to group your customers into market segments.


Week 2: Customer Needs

Week 2 leverages the empathy work to further understand customer needs, capturing the detail in the MTN Customer-Need Zoom persona tool.

Week 3: Bold Solutions

The Bold Solutions module helps you think broadly about products and then zooming in on what a Minimum Viable Product might look like, leveraging the MTN Solution Zoom tool.

Week 4: Rapid Experimentation

Week 4 provides a step-by-step guide for setting up and running your first experiment, including prioritizing assumptions, and developing a testable hypothesis.


Week 5: Closing the Loop

Closing the Loop finishes off the rapid experiment loop by documenting results, developing insights, and coming to a decision regarding what to do next.


Week 6: Pitching with Evidence

On their own ideas are a dime a dozen. Week 6 teaches you how to assemble what you’ve learned, justify your decisions based on evidence,  and share your journey in an impactful way.


Includes 2 Coaching Sessions

Included with the course are two virtual meetings with our Lean Innovation experts to answer questions and personally guide your learning.

Check out a sample of Tools and Templates

Customer-Need Zoom

Create a persona that represents a market segment based on a real person, not a fantasy ideal.

Solution Zoom

Create a description of a proposed Minimum Viable Product based on empathy work.

Rapid Experiment Tool

A step-by-step visual guide to designing and running a experiment based on your riskiest assumption.

What Makes Us Different?


Easy to understand, easy to follow, self-paced course designed to answer the what, why, and how of lean innovation.


MTN has helped dozens of the largest brands in the world adopt an ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ to solving complex business issues.


Course is based on our unique blend of high-tech startup, big corporation experience, and innovation thought leadership.


Superior online content supported by professional, veteran coaching to guide participants toward driving impact.


Home-grown methods without dogma, based on a decade of real world work ensures the system works as advertised.


Time tested tools to help guide your exploration, hone the craft, make it your own, and share your journey others. 

Some Organizations are Racing to the Front of the Pack

This course does a great job of introducing the foundational concepts of rapid experimentation and helps you learn how to apply them in an easy way. Individuals and teams can get their feet wet, build their confidence and ask lots of questions.

Product teams need this ability to succeed in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Kathy Kirkendall

Senior Manager, Product Management, Seismic

Evidence-based decision making is key to new product development. In this course I particularly like MTN’s powerful approach on rapid experimentation based on riskiest assumptions.

Jörg Hächler

Head of Innovation Management, Roche Diagnostics

This program has positively changed my approach to experimentation & testing. It equipped me with valuable tools, prioritization guidance, and the selection of metrics to determine what truly works in the market.

MTN’s coaching helped me cultivate a new perspective, hone my skills, and develop habits that significantly enhanced my effectiveness as a product manager.

My experience with Moves The Needle has been truly transformative.

Aditi Gupta

Senior Product Manager, Digital Growth, Thomson Reuters

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”
– Henry Miller

The Lean Innovation Course: The Best Gift For Your Career


Busting assumptions

It used to be the strongest opinion won out. But that’s less and less the case. The digital world demands bringing evidence to the table.


Cutting through bias

Everyone is biased based on their own experiences. That’s human. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. But it does mean missing out an opportunities.


Being agile

Admitting what you don’t know is tough in the corporate world. Being able to change course based on evidence is more powerful.

You Have 6 Weeks Access to Our Proprietary Content + Lifetime License to Our Tools for $595 USD

These methods are used by the most successful high-tech companies in the world. They’ve been tailored, however, for the “rest of us.” Practices and tools known by a relatively few people, and yet applicable to any job in any company where some amount of uncertainty exists. Those in innovation or new products faces a lot uncertainty. But so do sales people, marketing managers, IT and HR professionals. They key is to learn when and how to apply these exploration skills. That’s what we’re here for!

What Should You Expect?

Here’s what the guided journey into exploration includes:


Expert content, best practices, and some new ideas that elevate your understanding when and how to applying learning to your job.


Specific exercises to help you apply the new skills in the real world, including help overcoming common obstacles.


Expert coaching from seasoned professionals to inspire, answer questions, and help you drive impact.

We Don’t Just Teach You “Lean Innovation”, But How to Do it. How to Drive Impact.

You can read the books (we’ve written a few!). You can peruse blogs, newsletters, and listen to the aspirational podcasts. But nothing works better than doing. These new skills take practice. To be honest, we can’t force you to go through the excercises with discipline and diligence. But if you do, we can guarantee that you’ll possess new skills required for the digital age.

We blend the best of:

Human-centered design

Agile principles

Rapid Experimentation

Evidence-informed decision making

Imagine This Day: A Leader Walks Up to You in the Break Room

“I heard about your presentation. I don’t know how you did it, but several people are super impressed by the evidence your presented. We really might change course based on it. Congratulations.”

I can’t tell you how excited I am that “customer-centricity” finally went beyond lip service. I am hopeful we can expand this to be standard practice. Would appreciate your ideas how we can incorporate this in other parts of the business.”

“Finally someone has brought me a pitch where I can see the value to both the customer and the organization. I think we need to dive a little deeper into marketing channels, But this is really something I can get behind. Great job.”

Impress The Leader Guarantee: 30-Day Refund

If after 30 days you’re not seeing value, we will return your money.

Show us your work


Let us try to make it right


If that fails, we will refund 100% and you can keep the toolkit.

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