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Intro to Lean Innovation

Learning to Explore

The Lean Innovation course is a fundamental building block to understanding how to minimize risk when developing and launching new products. The course includes a blend of learning to understand customer needs, conduct rapid experiments, leverage evidence for decision-making, and work in an agile fashion.

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Course Overview


The prep module helps you prepare for the course with an introduction to Lean Innovation, setting expectations, and a little bit of “homework.”

Week 1: Empathy

The week 1 module helps you understand the importance of empathy is, how to develop it for your customers, and how to group your customers into market segments.

Week 2: Customer Needs

Week 2 leverages the empathy work to further understand customer needs, and capture the detail in the Moves the Needle’s Customer-Need Zoom persona tool.

Week 3: Bold Solutions

The Bold Solutions module helps you think broadly about products and then zoom in on what a Minimum Viable Product might look like, leveraging the MTN Solution Zoom tool.

Week 4: Rapid Experimentation

Week 4 provides a step-by-step guide for setting up and running your first experiment, including prioritizing assumptions, and developing a testable hypothesis.

Week 5: Closing the Loop

Closing the Loop finishes off the rapid experiment loop by documenting experiment results, developing insights, and coming to a decision regarding what to do next.

Week 6: Pitching with Evidence

On their own, ideas are a dime a dozen. Week 6 teaches you how to assemble what you’ve learned, justify your decisions based on evidence,  and share your journey in an impactful way.

Kavita Appachu


Kavita has elevated the practice of customer-centric collaboration to address growth challenges in many organizations across multiple industries, including Intuit, Roche, Target, AARP, USAA, and Procter & Gamble.

Mike Kendall


Mike has led large-scale customer-centric growth transformations for respected companies around the globe including ING, Capital One, Audible, Roche, and Humana.