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Welcome to Moves the Needle’s online course catalog. MTN has over a decade of  experience building exploration skills inside more than 70 of the world’s largest companies. Whether seeking to innovate new products or bring an entrepreneurial spirit to the entire organization, exploration skills are a foundational requirement.

Introduction to Lean Innovation

(6 Weeks $595, 2 Live Coaching Sessions)

The Lean Innovation course is a fundamental building block to learning how to develop and launch new products or services. The course includes a blend of learning to understand customer needs, conduct rapid experiments, leverage evidence for decision-making, and working in an agile fashion.

Leading Exploration (Coming soon)

This module helps leaders develop new skills when dealing with market uncertainty.

Innovation Champions (Coming soon)

This module is for existing or aspiring coaches, who wish to uplevel both their IQ and EQ. The content skills (IQ) portion includes the best from agile, lean, and design thinking, while the emotional intelligence portion includes how to effectively manage exploration work.

Experiment Deep Dive (Coming soon)

This module goes into detail about rapid experimentation best practices.

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